Dan Bullock


Dan Bullock has worked in banking and financial management for over 30 years. He is also a community activist and founder of The Mosey Project. He is the former president of  Leadership Austin, Ronald McDonald House, Seton Cove, Texas Lyceum, Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Wild Basin Wilderness, and Zachary Scott Theater among many other community leadership roles. So what would he have to do with The Beatles?

Following their Ed Sullivan Show debut, the Beatles first live U.S. performance was in the Washington Coliseum in February, 1964. They had immediately signed with Capitol Records, who organized possibly the first ever national closed-circuit theater presentation to showcase the Beatles and emerging Capitol stars Lesley Gore and The Beach Boys. Saturday, March 14, 1964.( see below)

The major theaters in the largest cities were booked, and top bands in those areas were brought in to warm up the local crowds before the main event. Dan’s band, The Imperials, were a big deal at CU-Boulder at the time, and were tapped for the Denver audience. They emerged on a rising orchestra stage in their classic Paramount Theatre, to a screaming group of kids and their puzzled, protective parents who were among the first to experience Beatlemania.

Dan is top left, back row in this photo.

dan bullock band
The Imperials (1964 with Dan Bullock)


dan bullock beatles article
Article about closed-circuit Beatles concert in 1964



Listen to Dan’s Interview here:

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Dan Bullock’s Mosey Project

Leadership Austin

Austin Partners In Education

Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas

Seton Cove

Texas Lyceum 

Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

ZACH Theater




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Gary Nicholson


Gary Nicholson is a number one hit songwriter, two- time Grammy- winning producer, recording artist, world traveling performer, and session guitarist.  There are over 500 recordings of his songs, from country, blues to rock and roll.  Some artists who have recorded his songs include my Mom’s favorite, Bonnie Raitt, my Uncle’s favorite, Willie Nelson, Robert Plant, Etta James, Keb Moe, Stevie Nicks and my favorite, Ringo Starr.

In my interview Gary talks about how the Beatles music has influenced his own music. He talks about the songs he wrote for Ringo, writing with Ringo and a funny Ringo story. He also talks about his favorite Beatles songs and a funny Beatles story.  Gary then talks about all the amazing projects he has in the works.  This is an interview not to miss.  Very special.

Gary and Brandon
Brandon with Gary Nicholson at Hudson’s on Mercer
gary brandon rush
Brandon with Rush Evans and Gary Nicholson on Off the Beatle Path




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Gary Nicholson singing “Give more Love” which he discusses in his intervie

Gary talks about his new projects which includes a song he wrote with Willie Nelson’s “He wont ever be gone”

One of Gary’s latest projects with Michael McDonald  “Just Strong Enough”



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Bill Paige

exceptional sat branandbillb

Brandon and Bill Paige at Hudson’s on Mercer

bill paige


I am honored to interview Bill Paige who is a famous music editor, writer and musician who lives in my hometown of Dripping Springs.  He has interviewed rock legends such as Roger Daltrey (the Who), Electric Light Orchestra and Queen.  He has performed many concerts including an anniversary celebration of John Lennon among others.  But I am lucky to know Bill Paige as my friend.  He teaches me how to play guitar and sing.  He also started exceptional Saturdays helping all my friends get together to play music at Hudson’s on Mercer in Dripping Springs.  For all you Beatles fans we would love for you to join us at 10 AM at Hudson’s on Mercer in Dripping Springs for exceptional Saturdays.  I never miss a Saturday and would love for you to join us.

Here is my interview with Bill Paige


Exceptional Saturday

Links related to this interview

Exceptional Saturdays – A weekly music experience developed by Bill Paige held at Hudson’s on Mercer.  The group has musicians and kids and young adults with disabilities playing, singing and enjoying music.


Bill’s latest book –  You can buy Bill’s latest book “Everything I know I learned from Rock Stars”.  Here is a link



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Mike Morgan



I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike since I was little.  I have been in his studio, The Zone, many times over the years.  Mike played me some out-takes of a John Lennon recording in the studio.  We have talked about our love of the Beatles.  The Zone is one of the top recording studios in Texas.  Mike is also a musician, playing bass and guitar with many artists over the years.  He has worked with Peter Rowan, Jerry Jeff Walker, Taj Mahal and Love Helm.   He is currently playing with Rhythmic Statues.




Rhythmic Statues Official Site

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Jackie Spencer


My next guest was my Beatles tour guide in Liverpool England.  She is a lively person with a wealth of knowledge about the Beatles.  She has a true passion for all things Beatles and you all know I am the Beatles number one fan, but she truly may be the closest runner-up.  I learned so much from her when I was in Liverpool.  Please welcome Jackie Spencer from Liverpool England.  If you listen to the SiriusXM Beatles Radio Show you might catch Jackie giving a little Beatles history information.

Below is the full interview (click to play).


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Pictures of Jackie on our tour.

Here are some important links from the interview.

Jackie’s Liverpool Guide site


Open the gates to Strawberry Fields Liverpool – You can support the restoration of Strawberry fields.  Order a tee-shirt or other items all benefiting the restoration.  Strawberry Fields will be the training hub which will provide the opportunities to change the lives of marginalised young people – those who may need extra support to develop the skills and confidence to secure work, live independently and play an active part in society. And the gardens will provide a much-needed space to escape and explore, away from our busy everyday lives.



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Darin Murphy


I’d like to introduce you to Darin Murphy.  He played John Lennon in the Broadway play titled “Lennon”.  Darin is a talented and well-known musician and songwriter here in Austin, TX.  He plays in an Austin retro cover band known as Skyrocket.   He also plays with BottleRock, a spin-off band of Skyrocket that focuses on British rock.  Here he plays Beatles music which is his love.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing Darren play at the radio station and around Austin.  I love hearing Darren play John Lennon.  Each time I have heard him he makes me happy.

Below is my full interview with Darin Murphy (click below to play).

In addition to singing, songwriting and playing, Darin is also an accomplished actor.  He has just completed his part in a movie titled “My Ranger”, the second feature-length film produced by X Horn Productions. It is written & directed by David N. Reyes. The dramatic comedy was shot in Austin, Texas in the Spring of 2017.

My ranger

Click for more about My Ranger and tickets

You can keep up with Darin playing with SkyRocket at – http://www.skyrockettheband.com.

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Nick Randolph

Nick Randolph 5nick Randolph 6



My next guest Nick Randolph is a singer, songwriter and musician who lives in Austin Texas. You may have seen Nick play with his former band Stonehoney or perhaps as a member of The South Austin Moonlighters back in 2014. These days Nick can be seen and heard playing solo sets or sitting in with numerous other musicians around Austin, including one of my favorite local bands The Egg Men. I feel lucky to be friends with Nick and to be able to see him perform in my home town.

My interview includes some great music sung by Nick himself, a crazy Paul McCartney story and his favorite Beatles songs.  Always entertaining – you will love Nick like I do.

Listen to my interview with Nick Randolph

Nick Randolph with Stone Honey (his former band)

Nick Randolph singing the Beatles.

Here is a bonus question I asked Nick about his favorite Beatles cover.

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Bruce Channel 


Bruce is an American singer- songwriter.  He is famous for his number 1 hit in 1962 with his song “HeyBaby”.  It stayed number 1 for 3 weeks and he had other songs in the Billboard Top 100. Bruce toured Europe in 1962 where the Beatles were the opening band.  Some people say that Bruce Channel’s music influenced the Beatles.  Bruce became a famous songwriter in Nashville writing songs for artists such as John Conlee, Janie Fricke and T.J. Sheppard.  “Hey Baby” has been recorded by many artists over the years including Ringo Starr.  “Hey Baby” became popular again after the movie Dirty Dancing.

In my interview you will hear Bruce talking about the early years of 1962 when the Beatles were the opening band for Bruce Channel.  You will also hear about the famous harmonica of Delbert McClinton teaching John Lennon and you will hear some amazing stories on Hey Baby, Bruce’s number 1 hit recorded over 200 times with various artists including Ringo Starr.  Very special.

bruce channel early


bruce channel and the beatles
Bruce Channel and Delbert McClinton with the Beatles in 1962 (photo taken by Mike McCartney)

Here is a link to my interview with Bruce Channel



Check Out Bruce’s Official Website!

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Hey Baby in the film “Dirty Dancing”

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James Pennebaker

James and Brandon
Me (Brandon) and my cousin James

My cousin in Nashville, James Pennebaker, is a multi- instrumentalist, playing violin, guitar, mandolin and pedal steel.  James has played with many bands and musicians and is currently on tour with Delbert McClinton.

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James has played with many different acts such as Lee Roy Parnell, Billy Joe Shaver, Pam Tillis, and Delbert McClinton.  James talks about the early years when he heard the Beatles music, his favorite Beatles song and what it is like playing with so many great musicians.  Did I mention that he is my cousin (several times removed) and I am glad to have him in my family?  I hope you enjoy the interview.


Here are some highlights of James playing with some great acts.

Lee Roy Parnell – Fresh Coat of Paint (James on guitar)

Delbert McClinton on the Road to Austin – Giving It Up For Your Love

An oldie and another version

James is touring with Delbert McClinton! Click here for tour dates.

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Brandon Rummel – Why I love the Beatles

This is my Beatles story about my love of the Beatles and their music.  My name is Brandon Rummel.  I am 25 years old.  I have the privilege to volunteer each week at the KOOP Radio Show, “Off the Beatle Path”.  This introduction I programmed and recorded about my love of the Beatles and my Beatles journey.  Sometimes people have a hard time understanding me when I speak, but it doesn’t slow me down on my love for the Beatles and their music.  Because of this I use a software on IPAD to communicate name TD Compass.  Below is the recording from my IPAD.  I will tell you why I love the Beatles, play some of my favorite songs, describe my amazing trip to England to see all things Beatles in Liverpool and London and the night I met Ringo Starr.  Why do I love the Beatles music – because the Beatles and their music make me happy.

Here are some songs I included in the recording.

In My Life – My favorite song dedicated to my mom.  She brought the Beatles into my life.  The song is “In my Life” and has special meaning to me.  This version is sung by Johnny Cash.

Yellow Submarine – One of my favorites sung by Ringo written by Paul for Ringo.

With a Little Help from my Friends –  Ringo ends each concert with this song.

Yesterday  – One of the most recorded songs of all time and my mom’s favorite.  This is Willie Nelson singing.

All you Need is Love – Because I love the Beatles.

Click the icon to hear my first blog and my story.  I hope you enjoy.

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