Darin Murphy


I’d like to introduce you to Darin Murphy.  He played John Lennon in the Broadway play titled “Lennon”.  Darin is a talented and well-known musician and songwriter here in Austin, TX.  He plays in an Austin retro cover band known as Skyrocket.   He also plays with BottleRock, a spin-off band of Skyrocket that focuses on British rock.  Here he plays Beatles music which is his love.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing Darren play at the radio station and around Austin.  I love hearing Darren play John Lennon.  Each time I have heard him he makes me happy.

Below is my full interview with Darin Murphy (click below to play).

In addition to singing, songwriting and playing, Darin is also an accomplished actor.  He has just completed his part in a movie titled “My Ranger”, the second feature-length film produced by X Horn Productions. It is written & directed by David N. Reyes. The dramatic comedy was shot in Austin, Texas in the Spring of 2017.

My ranger

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You can keep up with Darin playing with SkyRocket at – http://www.skyrockettheband.com.

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