Liverpool Cavern Club 1d

Hello.  My name is Brandon Rummel.  I am 25 years old.  When I seven years old, the Beatles released the Beatles 1 CD.  I didn’t talk very much when I was 7.  I have a hard time forming words for people to understand.  But the night that I first heard the Beatles songs I had to sing along.  I learned all the songs on the Beatles 1 CD.  I wanted more Beatles songs to sing and listen to.  The Beatles music made me happy.  I started talking about the Beatles and their music.  Today I love the Beatles music even more.  Their music still makes me happy and helped me to communicate again.  I started my perfect job volunteering at “Off the Beatle Path” Beatles Radio Show on KOOP Radio in Sept 2012.  In Sept 2016, I guest hosted my first Beatles radio show.  I used my communication device to communicate for me so everyone could understand me.  I love using the British accent like the Beatles.  The show was a hit.  I decided that I wanted to find out how the Beatles music has influenced other people’s lives.  So I started interviewing people about how the Beatles music has influenced their lives.  My blog is about my journey interviewing people and asking them that key question.  I am posting the entire interviews on this blog so people can enjoy them as much as I do.  Special thanks to all those who have agreed to share their stories and their lives.  I hope you enjoy.

Brandon Rummel