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Brandon and Bill Paige at Hudson’s on Mercer

bill paige


I am honored to interview Bill Paige who is a famous music editor, writer and musician who lives in my hometown of Dripping Springs.  He has interviewed rock legends such as Roger Daltrey (the Who), Electric Light Orchestra and Queen.  He has performed many concerts including an anniversary celebration of John Lennon among others.  But I am lucky to know Bill Paige as my friend.  He teaches me how to play guitar and sing.  He also started exceptional Saturdays helping all my friends get together to play music at Hudson’s on Mercer in Dripping Springs.  For all you Beatles fans we would love for you to join us at 10 AM at Hudson’s on Mercer in Dripping Springs for exceptional Saturdays.  I never miss a Saturday and would love for you to join us.

Here is my interview with Bill Paige


Exceptional Saturday

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Exceptional Saturdays – A weekly music experience developed by Bill Paige held at Hudson’s on Mercer.  The group has musicians and kids and young adults with disabilities playing, singing and enjoying music.

Bill’s latest book –  You can buy Bill’s latest book “Everything I know I learned from Rock Stars”.  Here is a link