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My next guest was my Beatles tour guide in Liverpool England.  She is a lively person with a wealth of knowledge about the Beatles.  She has a true passion for all things Beatles and you all know I am the Beatles number one fan, but she truly may be the closest runner-up.  I learned so much from her when I was in Liverpool.  Please welcome Jackie Spencer from Liverpool England.  If you listen to the SiriusXM Beatles Radio Show you might catch Jackie giving a little Beatles history information.

Below is the full interview (click to play).


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Pictures of Jackie on our tour.

Here are some important links from the interview.

Jackie’s Liverpool Guide site


Open the gates to Strawberry Fields Liverpool – You can support the restoration of Strawberry fields.  Order a tee-shirt or other items all benefiting the restoration.  Strawberry Fields will be the training hub which will provide the opportunities to change the lives of marginalised young people – those who may need extra support to develop the skills and confidence to secure work, live independently and play an active part in society. And the gardens will provide a much-needed space to escape and explore, away from our busy everyday lives.



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Brandon Rummel – Why I love the Beatles

This is my Beatles story about my love of the Beatles and their music.  My name is Brandon Rummel.  I am 25 years old.  I have the privilege to volunteer each week at the KOOP Radio Show, “Off the Beatle Path”.  This introduction I programmed and recorded about my love of the Beatles and my Beatles journey.  Sometimes people have a hard time understanding me when I speak, but it doesn’t slow me down on my love for the Beatles and their music.  Because of this I use a software on IPAD to communicate name TD Compass.  Below is the recording from my IPAD.  I will tell you why I love the Beatles, play some of my favorite songs, describe my amazing trip to England to see all things Beatles in Liverpool and London and the night I met Ringo Starr.  Why do I love the Beatles music – because the Beatles and their music make me happy.

Here are some songs I included in the recording.

In My Life – My favorite song dedicated to my mom.  She brought the Beatles into my life.  The song is “In my Life” and has special meaning to me.  This version is sung by Johnny Cash.

Yellow Submarine – One of my favorites sung by Ringo written by Paul for Ringo.

With a Little Help from my Friends –  Ringo ends each concert with this song.

Yesterday  – One of the most recorded songs of all time and my mom’s favorite.  This is Willie Nelson singing.

All you Need is Love – Because I love the Beatles.

Click the icon to hear my first blog and my story.  I hope you enjoy.

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